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Finally, a Retina display…
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It also offers far more Thunderbolt connectivity than any other system Apple sells. The line between high-end desktops and traditional workstations has been blurry for years as motherboard integration and baseline capabilities in consumer hardware has risen, and the new Retina iMac erases even more of it. Apple itself has hastened this trend by building a Mac Pro chassis that relies almost entirely on a single interface — Thunderbolt — as opposed to offering more traditional drive cages and replaceable hardware.

Would I run out and buy a new iMac over a Mac Pro today?

MacBook vs MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro with Retina Display

No — for several reasons. First, I recommend waiting to see how the new screen shakes out as far as quality is concerned — problems with first-run products are not uncommon and Apple is no exception. Buyers concerned about GPU horsepower should therefore wait and see. Tag: vintage and obsolete. Top Rated Comments View all.

Looks like my 13" rMPB will be vintage next summer. Come on Apple, and release new MacBooks without the butterfly keyboard.

Retina Display recap

Writing this on my now vintage device ; Can't believe it's that old. It still feels as fast as the day i bought it.

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  8. Probably even faster, because back then there was some scrolling lag the first few months or longer ; Still no reason to buy a new one Never kept any computer this long before. Still the best machine i've ever owned. Pour one out for Aperture Apple's execution of their computer business plan has been seriously flawed since the growth of the iPhone.

    XDR. Dynamic range to the extreme.

    They are now a phone company. I love their computers but even as a diehard fan, the MacBook Pro has gotten worse the last 3 releases. As a shareholder, I struggle with all the poor execution and negative inertia yet my shares increase in value. I'm conflicted! HP or Dell!

    Retina display

    I'm using one right now. I'm dubious the latest model would be an improvement. Look at the 13in MacBook Pro, though, and its screen has a density of just ppi. So you see that it's all a bit vague - but the rough idea is that a screen is rated as Retina if it is sharp enough for the human eye not to be able to see individual pixels at a typical usage distance.

    In simple terms, Apple 'converts' a device's display to Retina by doubling the number of pixels vertically and horizontal, meaning it has four times as many pixels as its non-Retina counterpart.


    If it did that and nothing else, however, there would be a problem. User interface elements like menus and icons would look tiny. To compensate for this, Apple created what it calls HiDPI mode, where each interface element is doubled in size vertically and horizontally and so appears at the same size as it would on a non-Retina display. The effect of a Retina display is to make everything look crisper.

    iPad as a Mac Retina Display - Matt Gemmell

    Text in particular benefits from Retina - it looks smoother, with the curves on characters looking like curves instead of jagged steps. Steve Jobs painted Apple into something of a corner when he described the pixels in the iPhone 4 as imperceptible to the human eye. Where do you go from there?

    ¿Qué es una Pantalla Retina?

    How do you describe a screen that's even better? Apple's answer has been to borrow terminology from the video and broadcast industries. When the iPhone 6 came out in , it had a vertical resolution of pixels, a little more than the pixels of vertical resolution which forms one of the standards for HD video. The iPhone 6 Plus has a vertical resolution of pixels, exactly the number of pixels needed for the higher of the two HD video standards. It continued to this label up to and including the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in But with the arrival of the iPhone X shortly after the 8-generation handsets, Apple took things one step further.

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