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Ie, Time Machine Sharing? Her family has an iMac and several MacBooks. What do you think? If you select yes, then it will be reformatted automatically for Time Machine use. I was fortunate enough to have been a donor to Bombich for the earlier freeware version of CCC.

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When they went with the paid version, all donors were offered a free licence of the paid version. Time Machine is a great thing.

My Passport for Mac

The backups almost always became corrupted within a few months something that rarely happens with locally-connected disks. From that moment the WD back up stopped working. Screenshot I do this but get no adverse reports. The drive itself copies and store files as expected.

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  • It is version 2. Result: Problem gone. No issues since. Additionally, my WD Elements has started beeping every few seconds since I think the second attempt at reformatting I did. In either method of connection, backups fail as noted by the OP. I want safety in my backups, simple! It appears the Security package includes the utilities.

    This is supposed to be compatible with Sierra Meanwhile, Apple has released High Sierra and there is no indication WD has a compatible software package in the Downloads menu. Still on Sierra The only difference from the previous inability to make a backup is that Time Machine is not indicating any backup occurred, but the usual error message failed to pop up as well. I then attempted to eject and re-mount the drive.

    A popup error message appeared that the disk was not ejected because one or more programs may be using it. So the only option remains is to force Eject. WD obviously could not care less about its customers. I am never purchasing anything from them again. Your original description of the problem is exactly what I could have written about my own situation. It turns out that the installation of the new software is lacking the utilities uninstaller program.

    Time Machine Tutorial: Back Up Your Mac

    In addition, the new software release does not fix the problem. Although I have yet to try it, I believe your solution is the only solution. I do not recommend anyone download the new software release because they will lose the utilities uninstaller program.

    Alternatives to the Now-Discontinued Time Capsule

    Same issues as you have outlined. I bought a new iMac 27" this summer and transferred my older WD 2TB drive over and did a time machine restore- worked perfect. Running OSX Sierra at the time. Next day the backup failed same way.

    Rebooted mac, drive icon now not the time machine, but TM works. A couple of days later, same thing, reboot fixes again. Called Apple support, they are mystified. So I set my computer to shut down each nigh and wake up each morning.

    How to use Time Machine to back up a Mac

    This works but is really awkward. So I take my chances and turn off the automatic reboot. Of course the problem comes back. Fingers crossed.

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    • External Drives for Mac. MichaelCoyne August 16, , pm 1. KyleH1 December 12, , pm 2. BoilerJR December 18, , pm 3.

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