Speech recognition software mac reviews

1. Nuance Dragon Home v15

Numbers are something the software will present inconsistently until you program it the way you want it. Once you have it set up the way you want, you can navigate smoothly through a document. Nearly every feature present in Windows-geared voice recognition software is included in Dragon for Mac. You can customize commands, create a voice profile and train the software to capture the subtleties of your accent and vocabulary. Also, a status icon conveniently lets you know the status of the microphone at any given moment.

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Another bonus with this software is its compatibility with Mac-based programs such as iPhoto and iMovie. It recognizes commands for those programs and remembers the steps you take to use them. This software also has the advantage of voice transcription capabilities, which is not common in lower-priced software, as well as Bluetooth compatibility. As with any voice recognition program, however, the software will be less effective at deciphering recordings of meetings with multiple speakers or even interviews with two or more people. It is best suited for transcribing single-speaker recordings.

Nuance is good about offering Bluetooth options with its Dragon software, but this is not the norm. With most voice recognition software, you will have to buy a microphone separately or use one you already have. The help and support from Nuance is typically top notch, and Dragon for Mac generally keeps that trend going. There are online tutorials and built-in ones to teach you the software before you begin using it. The live chat is both on the company website and built into the software, so you have access to the Nuance help center during all business hours.

Every time we contacted a representative, the person seemed to be respectful, on task and well versed in the software. Dragon for Mac The Best Voice Recognition Software of The Verdict The software capably adapts the voice recognition features into the Mac format, and it lets you continue to dictate documents when you're on the go.

Why Writers Should Use Speech to Text Software

It has enough features to adapt the software well to your voice profile, and its commands can be specific and all encompassing. It will transcribe documents and let you extend its functionality to the road with an app that syncs the program to your iPhone. It could score a little better on its dictation accuracy score, but it still receives a strong recommendation from us.

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Dragon for Mac image: This software is the most accurate Mac software so far from Dragon and it adapts to your way of speaking. Dragon for Mac image: As you are setting up the software you will be prompted to attach an audio device that you will speak into for dictation. Dragon for Mac image: You can dictate documents with speed and accuracy using this software and there is a powerful transcription tool that will dictate from a digital audio recording.

Dragon for Mac image: Setting up a voice profile in the program is easy to do.

Best Dictation Software For Mac of

It includes steps like listing the region of the world you live in and your accent. It will record your voice to become familiar with what you sound like. Dragon for Mac image: Once you set up your microphone you can start dictating. Dragon for Mac image: Transcription training helps the software match the idiosyncrasies of speakers other than you. Dragon for Mac image: A text box you access from the main toolbar will help you with commands that you can use as you dictate and edit the text you are creating.

By raising your laptop screen you naturally encourage better posture and arm position, which is good for pretty much everything involved with typing. Having said that, it is still pretty expensive, so this is more for those with a bit of cash to spare. To expand on these points a little, a level posture essentially means keeping a straight back, looking straight ahead at your laptop screen, and keeping your elbows at a 90 degree angle. Here are a few to get you started:. Do you have any suggestions for uses of dictation software? Find him on Twitter here. Thanks Ben for an extremely useful long-form article on dictation options in I look forward to implementing one of these options.

No incredible pressing need for dictation exists for me now. I do occasionally get pain in my right mouse hand. At that point, I switch to using my left hand for the mouse. Nothing like what you have gone through! I do want to get better at dictation as an alternative to typing at the keyboard. I will say that dictation is pretty fun as an alternative to writing all day though, especially if you do a lot of it.

More than giving your hands a break it makes the same work feel like a different task altogether, which is great for helping to avoid burnout. This is an extremely useful article! Perfect reviews for dictation software! Going to try some of those! Great article! Thank you. I was in the same boat with knowing about it, but not really looking into it. Hi Thanks a lot for this article, I am a new content writer from reading this my production has just gone from 5 words a minute to 80 words a minute, I am stoked. Many thanks for your comments useful as moving from Windows P.

In passed have used Dragon are there great differences between the Dragon, have been used to and the Dragon Mac version?

Popular Mac Software

Great question! First, you could get the Mac version and then mainly dictate into TextEdit. This seems to be the most stable form of dictation and supposedly barely ever crashes. Alternatively, you could run the Windows version of Dragon in virtualisation software such as Parallels or VMware Fusion.


These essentially run a version of Windows on your Mac which can be used to run Dragon and other programs. The trouble with doing that is that you need a pretty recent Mac device roughly within the last 3 years , 8Gb of RAM, and a Windows license which can cost a pretty penny in of themselves. I used Dragon on Windows for over 10 years and it is an extremely good product with extensive abilities with custom commands.

However when I moved over to Mac OS Macbook Pro at the start of this year and started using Dragon for Mac, I discovered it is a totally different product and very inferior to the Windows version. It does Support creating custom commands, but with much less functionality than the Windows version.

Dragon 5.0.1 review: Speech recognition for the Mac gets improved accuracy, better interface

For example it does not support parameterized commands. The speech recognition accuracy is quite good if you can get the product to work without crashing. If you have any further questions feel free to reach out. Many thanks in actual fact I have been very impressed with the Mac dictation tool, which very nearly has as good a results as I used to get from Dragon even on the Windows version of Dragon!

Ben: A thorough, useful survey of dictation options. Several years ago I used the PC version, found it worth the money for good and growing accuracy and production..

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Really good article thoroughly researched and excellent information. Very impressive. One comment about Dragon for Mac is that it can be frustratingly variable.

speech recognition software mac reviews Speech recognition software mac reviews
speech recognition software mac reviews Speech recognition software mac reviews
speech recognition software mac reviews Speech recognition software mac reviews
speech recognition software mac reviews Speech recognition software mac reviews
speech recognition software mac reviews Speech recognition software mac reviews

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