Mac os x cursor stuck

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Sometimes, the Mac has many demanding tasks piled up and simply needs time to work through them. If the keyboard and mouse are unresponsive, walk away from the computer for a few minutes and take care of other business. When you come back, the problem might have sorted itself out, and you can go back to using your Mac. If this is the case, your Mac might be very low on free hard drive space or RAM memory.

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Talk to your tech support person about memory upgrade options for your Mac. Depending on the app and what you were doing with it, performing a Force Quit on your MacBook might result in the loss of some of your work.

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For example, if you were editing a proposal in Mac Pages and performed a Force Quit on that program, you might lose some of the changes you made, but probably not the document itself. In rare instances, your Mac might be completely frozen.

If your Mac has been in this state for several minutes, your best bet is to turn off the power to your Mac. Before turning it back on, unplug any external devices, such as cameras or scanners, that might have caused the hang-up.

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Your Mac will automatically restore the apps and documents that were open at the time it was shut down. When you shut down normally, a dialog box appears that lets you choose whether to restart all your apps or not. Chicago native John Papiewski has decades of IT consulting experience, and has worked with a wide range of businesses including finance, real estate, distribution and publishing.

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