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You mean all the modified meta data are gone? Yup, that's what I mean. It remains edited and organised in Calibre, but in ibooks, it reverts to the original downloaded data.

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Hello I have the same problem. Since upgrading to mavericks it still goes back to its original format. After editing the meta data, you need to convert it to EPUB again to write the new meta data into the book. I have tried this and still am not having any success getting the metadata from Calibre to iBooks. I am running OS X I have tried downloading the metadata and then reconverting the book in ePub format and still no luck.

Editing or Removing Metadata from PDF files

Any idea what I might be missing or doing wrong? So please make sure you are viewing the new EPUB file. Jonny, I've verified that I am using the correct file and still no metadata. Even when I convert other file types, mobi, azw3 to epub the metadata still is lost. There must be something I am doing wrong if others are not having the same issue. Great instructions, Jonny The step of re-converting to epub in Caloiber was decisive for the success! I have been using this method, but the only thing I can't figure out how to change or add is the Category genre.

How Can I Edit “Author” Info In iBooks?

Any ideas how to fix this? Lots of info about, as how to use Calibre, but sadly extremely little about how to import books from iBook. Hi, thank you for the informations. I use Calibre because I read on iPad but also on eReader. Since Mavericks is on, I can't import my ebboks those I bought on iTunes store : I Know where they are the hidden files, blabla but Calibre don't recognize them Do you know how to put ebooks from itunes store in Calibre?

Hi Tasha, It's a pity that put ebooks purchased from iTunes to Calibre is impossible for now. I just figured out a way to get iTunes back to managing my books and pdfs removed iBooks and use BookReader app for mac OS X to read locally. We edited several PDF documents on the Mac using this app and then transferred the files over to Windows.

When we re-examined the meta-data properties of the various documents, we found that nothing was actually changed and all the original tags were still there. Whatever properties this tool alters are not the real metadata being examined by the operating system. For those that gave his app a 5-star rating, run some tests of your own between platforms and see what results you get. Hello, I would like to apologize for any inconvenience that you encountered while using the PDF Attributes.

Please contact us directly by e-mail support aperio-lux. I was looking for an app to change the metadata on some PDFs and some of the others were giving me trouble.

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  • By using Office, you can quickly assemble, display, and share your data with other people, and take steps to protect your privacy, too. Do any of the following:. Specify the personal information that appears in all your Office documents.

    Open the Preview Pane

    To help maintain the level of privacy that you want, you can edit or remove any of the author and contact information that is associated with Office documents. The author and contact information that you specify automatically appears in all your Office documents, including those that you share with other people, unless you remove your personal information from a document.

    Steps for Editing PDF Metadata on Mac

    Under Personal Settings , click User Information. Remove personal information from a document.

    If you share a document with other people, you can remove personal information, such as author name and company, that Office automatically adds to a document. Under Personal Settings , click Security. Under Privacy options , select the Remove personal information from this file on save check box. In document properties, the properties Author , Manager , and Company on the Summary tab, and Last saved by on the Statistics tab.

    All names associated with comments or tracked changes are changed to "Author. You must remove that information manually. Turn off tracking of recently used documents.

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