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More info here. Q: What operating systems are supported? Q: I don't like the way that iTerm2 renders bold fonts. Q: Where does iTerm2 store its settings? For example, to delete all settings, run: defaults delete com. What should I do?

slow scroll speed in vim running within Terminal

Q: Some characters appear to be twice as wide as others, and things aren't lining up correctly. Q: I'm a Chinese, Japanese, or Korean user and some characters don't line up because they are not rendered in double-width. A: That key is used by macOS's Dictionary program.

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Q: What modifier keys affect marking a selection for copy and paste? If you're using vim and you can't make a selection, try holding down the alt key and see if that fixes it. Shift: Extend an existing selection.

Turn on/off iTerm's Vim scroll setting (not use .vimrc) - designetwork(EN)

Cmd: Make a discontinuous selection Additionally, you can affect other mouse-related activities with modifier keys: Dragging a selection copies and pastes it. This prevents accidental drags. Q: How do I change a tab's title? A: Two steps: Create a new profile called "ssh".

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A: Select a profile with the up and down arrow keys and press shift-enter. Q: How do I get color mode working in vim? A: This is the simple but dumb way: require 'mwheel require 'mouse xterm-mouse-mode t mouse-wheel-mode t global-set-key [mouse-4] 'next-line global-set-key [mouse-5] 'previous-line The rabbit hole goes deep.

Q: Why is my text all black and white? Q: How can I make the tab bar visible in fullscreen mode? Q: When I use a third-party app like SizeUp, Spectacle to make an iTerm2 window fill the screen it doesn't quite fill it.

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Q: When I use Magnet to move iTerm2 windows they do unexpected things like not moving where I told them to. Q: Where is the source code? While using iTerm 2 with MacBook , you can change the scroll setting in Vim window from Scroll wheel sends arrow keys in alternate screen mode.

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Environment information MacOS Sierra Yes : Scroll in the Vim window No : iTerm window scrolls regardless of Vim In my case, since there are many cases I want to paste from Vim in past console logs, I set the setting to No so that the iTerm window scrolls. Sorry if my English sentences are incorrect. Star added. Quote saved. You should go do everything the author recommends in that post. It will make your terminal time more pleasant and productive.

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One caveat to this integration is that it makes it really easy to lose your buffer in vim. For example, you copy a URL in the browser, delete a line in vim, and then paste what you thought was the URL but instead was the clipboard contains the line you deleted. It took about a week for me to form the habit of entering visual mode to paste text instead of first deleting then entering insert mode.

mac os x vim scroll Mac os x vim scroll
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mac os x vim scroll Mac os x vim scroll
mac os x vim scroll Mac os x vim scroll
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