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All the functionality and quality you'd expect. Using a pad is weird to get used to though. The pen works in absolute mode, the area of the pad represents the screen 1: But the included mouse works in relative mode. IE you can pick it up and place it back in a different place, and it works the same way a normal mouse would.

Also clicking on icons, menus etc is a bit weird with the pen. But it's not really for operating the computer is it? Looking into buying one of these - but must ask, is it pressure sensitive?

Medion Tablet Driver Mac Os X

It doesn't ship with any mac drivers, but a quick search on Google show's there could be some solutions, but I couldn't guarantee it. It is pressure sensitive, the way I've used it, is with opacity for painting or dodging and burning - seems to work ok. Hi, I've had one of these for a while but never raelly got into using it very often because of the annoying fact that I can't seem to get it out of mouse mode, so i never get the "1: Have you installed the drivers?

A quick Google search and you'll be able to download them, and the pad should work fine. Yeah, I installed the driers on my previous computer from the CD and it had a funny habit of switching between the two modes whenever it felt like it but now on my current computer it's stuck on the one mode, and even if I change the setting in the control panel it makes no effective difference I reckon I'll just bear it, there doesn't seem like much can be done.

I got one of these ol' buggers from a Goodwill last summer, and I'm going to have to say, it's pretty decent. Unless you're running anything above XP. Thing is extremely buggy on Mac's. Sometimes the drivers work, sometimes they don't, then the screen resolution always messes with the sensitivity. If you're looking for something cheap for an older computer, try it. I got mine for 7 USD. My tablet won't work on Windows 7 Anybody got any suggestions?? It keeps jumping from place to place, exiting things i don't want it to exit. Please Help!!

Medion Graphics Tablet from Aldi works on OSX

I was given one of these tablets, but I cannot find a pen. Where can I find one or what else will work with this one? Notify me of follow-up comments via email. About Me. Contact Me. Book Reviews. Galaxy Nexus. Gear Reviews. Lens Reviews. Photo Recipes. Photoshop and Elements.

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Privacy Policy. Slide Show. The Course. Useful Links. I was overcharged back then too.

That video would of been a massive help back then to because I couldn't figure how to unbox it. All the specs are well and good but if your are using anything other than Wacom for high level graphics you are in for a surprise. Anyhoo, stay clear of battery operated pens.

Medion Design USB Graphics Pad P46000

Batteries do have a habit of leaking and most likely you'll forget there is a battery in your pen. Because of this the design is obviously flawed and you can actually break your pen through general use. Consider the compartment is in the top compartment of the pen, so the pen is weaker in the middle. It will crack over time if someone has a tight grip. Do you need pressures of sensitivity? Tablet pcs use levels and they work a treat. My point is road test this and road test Wacom bamboos and work your way up to the Intuos. I'm not a Wacom rep but just dropping some knowledge about graphic tablets because it's my forte.

Leaking batteries are not a problem if you use a rechargeable NiMH battery, like an Eneloop. This is a huge, but understated, advantage of NiMh batteries. Think of how many electronic devices you have with a remote control, that you could not operate properly if the remote control was damaged. Use NiMH batteries, and you'll never have the "leaky battery problem" ever again. If you use a smart charger, you won't be overcharging your batteries, and they should never leak. Good to know, mate. But it doesn't prevent the design of the pen because it needs to house a battery.

The middle portion of the pen is weak whereas anything wacom penabled are durable. You have a Medion tablet so you could understand what I'm talking about.

How to Set Up and Use a Wacom Tablet

I guess for most users who use them infrequently or short periods this would not be a factor. Low end bamboo would certainly be a better investment. Many people will also find the size too large. Bought one but it is dead, doesn't even get "found" on any of my laptops.

I will try to get a replacement one but I took one of 2 on display in the glass cabinet so might not be any left by the time I get there tomorrow. Doesn't fill me with confidence but my daughter fancies being a graphic designer when she grows up: I noticed the USB cord that comes with it has a longer bit that inserts into the tablet. Make sure you were using that as a standard mini usb cord may not reach the contacts in the port.

Bought it to try it out. Sensitivity works but the usb insert doesn't reach the contacts as you stated. Tried it with a mini usb cord as well but to no avail.

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Not a bad tablet as pressure sensitivity is good, but the feel of drawing on the plastic without a sheet is a bit of a let down. But the usb port on the model I got makes it unusable. All trademarks are owned by their respective owners. OzBargain is an independent community website which has no association with nor endorsement by the respective trademark owners. Computing Graphics Tablet.

This was posted 6 years 5 months 13 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal. Recently posted related deals 5. Go to Deal. Try resetting the tablet.

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  • Medion Lifetab hard reset. I downloaded this driver: Use driver v5. All I can do is click. You'll gonna need a driver for mac to make it work. Go to www.

    Medion Graphics Tablet from Aldi works on OSX | MacRumors Forums

    Then search for the driver that will be compatible with your tablet. I think you'll see that on the "Download" page. You'll see there different drivers for their units. So you just need to find your tablet unit and download the driver for it.

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