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Could there be other values within the clip itself that is stopping it from being imported as 60fps? Bitrate shows Try using the free download Handbrake to convert the clip to a 60fps Mp-4 even if it's already that. That should cleanse the clip if there are any internal issues with it. Then import it into iMovie by dragging it into the timeline of a newly created project.

iMovie update adds support for 4K video, 1080p 60fps, importing projects from iOS

I even created a new Library on my external drive, created new event and a new movie. Imported the clip, then dropped it into the beginning. Sep 25, 5: Yeah, I don't know what is going on there. I suppose that you could take the final shared out 30fps movie and convert that with Handbrake to 60fps and see if it plays O. There are a few other diagnostic procedures that you can try, since we are getting to the end of our rope:.

Open iMovie in a newly created user account, such as your Mac's Guest account, and see if that solves it. Open iMovie in a new library and create your project there. To do that hold down the Option key as you open iMovie, and select a different or new library for iMovie to open.

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If you are sharing your movie out to an external drive, make sure that it is formatted for Apple Mac OS extended, journaled. On the outside chance that there is a hardware problem, instead of software, you could run the Apple diagnostics program that is on your Mac. Basically, you shut down and restart while holding down the D key.

A program will run checking out your computer for problems and giving you a report at the end. Here's a link that discusses it:.

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iMovie for Mac Adds 4K and 60fps/p Video Editing, Imports From iMovie for iOS - MacRumors

Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Hope this helps. Loading page content. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Import the video from the location on my desktop and it still shows only Resolution p I follow the same steps you posted. There are a few other diagnostic procedures that you can try, since we are getting to the end of our rope: Start your computer in safe mode, and then shut down and restart in regular mode. While this card is technically not rated for 4K, it worked just fine. Take the time to stabilize 1 hour of video: This does not include any human tasks such as trimming and connecting clips, adding sound files or other adjustments such as for color.

The 4K process was very jerky. The newer iMac was rock stead for P and only minor jerks at 4K. If there is almost no movement then the 4K video was sharper but as soon as some movement was introduced, the 60fps P video was vastly superior.

See my work and gear blog at http: I could edit the clips in iMovie on the older computer relatively smoothly. It took a while to do stabilization. But I couldn't get the project to be p If you need p60 output then you will need to look at other software besides the latest version of iMovie. The answer seems to be, if you are using iMovie On the newer computer the editing was much zippier, and stabilization was done faster.

Sadly, I couldn't export the finished movie in p Not true.

I exported P at 60FPS today. See my earlier post in this thread.

HELP: Video Editing Software for 1080/60p

I'm running the latest version of both MacOS and iMovie. I have to concede the above, but with a caveat. This occurred multiple times. I had to do something unconventional. Using this new p60 clip instead of the ones straight from my camera caused the "choose p 60FPS" option to magically appear.

I am wondering if iMovie somehow got stuck in p30 mode and stayed there even for even for new movies. This experience, however, highlights why I am not a fan of the automatic settings used in iMovie. In iMovie, a movie's frame rate is automatically determined by the first clip. I used a p60 clip, but for some reason new movies were set to p They also rewrite it e every couple years and then it has to be relearned.

I'm switching to Adobe Premiere Elements.

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Reading mode: Light Dark. Login Register. Best cameras and lenses All forums Digital Video Talk Change forum. Started Jan 27, Questions. Jan 27, Thanks, Art -- hide signature ArtAlt's gear list: ArtAlt's gear list. It exports it, so presumably it must be able to edit it. How fast, I don't know though https: Sheacash's gear list: Sheacash's gear list. For video editing, one should have the "right" processor: Xeon i7 quad-core with hyperthreading Strange as it might sound, the video card is not terribly important.

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