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Their target market is younger and less affluent than Bluespas'. Essential Elements : A former stock analyst started essential Elements in They are distributed primarily through day spas and specialty stores. Informed sources say they will be launching a consumer catalogue. Their main target for increasing distribution is through day spas and resorts.

Because Bluespa is a combined retail direct to end user and wholesale to the end user through a reseller strategy our target customer must be broken into two distinct groups, the end user and the reseller. Our targeted end user is between the ages of 24 and They are urban professionals with at least some college. This consumer has an active lifestyle. They are concerned about social and environmental issues. Mind and body wellness are important to them. They belong to a health club; take yoga, pilate's or tai chi lessons.

The effects of aging and the maintenance of a youthful appearance are a part of their life.

They are predominantly female. They are well educated. The buying power of this segment of the market continues to grow. There are currently over million female consumers. Their increasing educational attainment makes young women even more sophisticated and demanding consumers.

Today's female consumer is living a transactional life with multiple constituencies. Her life is on fast forward. In the last few years the sales of anxiety drugs to this consumer has surpassed the sales of anti-depressants. Her definitions are shifting, blurring the lines between home and office; private and public; professional and casual; even male and female. Age has become irrelevant. Life stages are no longer defined cleanly by age. A year-old first-time mother has much in common with a year-old first-time mother.

Links between generations and mindsets are becoming very spread out. Today's female consumer defines herself more by mindset or approach to life than by age.

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Parents and teens are often on parallel treadmills. The older segment is interested in staying young and the younger segment is acting older. In addition there has been a democratization of luxury. The upper-class family group is massive. Luxury spending is growing four times faster than overall spending. Working women of all ages have more money and they are spending it on personal luxuries.

She'll buy, but she wants more than just another product. She is not seeking empowerment--she is empowered. She is choosing to take better care of herself and others. She is looking for peace, solutions and fulfillment. Purchasing has moved beyond price. The Price:Value ratio has become more meaningful. She is seeking a "value added" experience or product. Our strategy of combined channels of distribution allows us to fit into her schedule while our product philosophy provides her with the benefits she is seeking. Our target customers vs. We have used the term resellers because they will not be limited to retailers.

We will reach the consumer through four distinct reseller channels. Spa theming now touches on several product categories. Aromatherapy has become mainstream and is present in all product categories. The categories are:. The very narrow spread between Prestige and Broad is indicative of the consumers desire for quality products rather than price point driven creams and lotions. The growth of the Body and Bath category and the Alternate channels is being driven by three major market influences: An acceleration of cross distribution creating new opportunities for branded day spas and catalogues.

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Pampering has taken a front seat in the consumers mind and is viewed as a need rather than a want. This has created an opportunity for new spa lines, spa-oriented products encompassing aromatherapy and new age positioning. Today's skin care customer is looking for magic.

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She wants to believe that there is a potion in a bottle that will erase her wrinkles. The baby boomers, who don't want to age without putting up a fight, have been spurring this growth. Analysis of the Ethical Strategy A. Stated Ethical Strategy 1. Philosophy section of the mission statement 2.

Explicit statements about ethics and social responsibility. Despite the financial recession and instability the market of cosmetics keeps growing.

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Trends are changing rapidly: what a couple of years ago was a niche market and was aimed at a narrow range of customers today becomes a must if a company wants to survive. A number of EU countries have developed a large trade surplus and a significant comparative advantage in cosmetics products. French and German companies. This chapter looks further into key customer-driven marketing strategy decisions—how to divide up.

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Rapp and Hugh T. Patrick Co-principal. Constraints and Challenges for the. MKTG Paper 2 — Product Survey Founded by Frank Toskan of Canada in , Makeup Art Cosmetics company is one of the few companies which has used innovative PR and unconventional marketing to create a niche for itself without spending millions of pounds in advertising. The company began by giving away their cosmetics to makeup artists that worked with top models and actresses. MAC developed products that helped artists achieve the right look for stage lighting conditions.

It is one of the few brands on the market which has colours to match every skin tone and colour.

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Working on a simple all encompassing Brand Positioning of Makeup for All ages, all races, all sexes, its brand values project MAC Makeup as attitudinally …show more content…. MAC uses distinct placement strategies to distribute its product.

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This allows them maximum coverage and keeps the product available in every outlet where the potential customers might want to buy it. They accomplished this by placing it in the types of stores that their target market frequents. The only difference between the MAC Pro Stores and the department store counters is the variety of products that are available. There you will find, pigments, palettes, some primers, air brush machines along with old and new limited edition items that are specific to their store and will not be found at the department store counters.

mac cosmetics target market analysis Mac cosmetics target market analysis
mac cosmetics target market analysis Mac cosmetics target market analysis
mac cosmetics target market analysis Mac cosmetics target market analysis
mac cosmetics target market analysis Mac cosmetics target market analysis
mac cosmetics target market analysis Mac cosmetics target market analysis
mac cosmetics target market analysis Mac cosmetics target market analysis
mac cosmetics target market analysis Mac cosmetics target market analysis

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