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Informative radio continued while television reporting also began to take flight. Throughout the 40's and 50's television news sources grew, but radio still dominated.

It wasn't until 's assassination in that television newscasting took off. Radio could only capture the sound of the event, but television showed people the true horror of the assassination. This was one of the first major events in which news companies competed with each other to get the news out to the public first.

Was the first to report that Kennedy had been shot and was killed. News crews spent the next several days covering everything happening in Washington, including Kennedy's funeral. This set the standard for news stations to have to cover major events quicker and get them out to the public as they were happening. The JFK assassination helped to transform television journalism to how it is today, with instantaneous coverage and live coverages at major events.

Television offered faster coverage than radio and allowed viewers to feel more as if they were experiencing the event because they could visualize exactly what was going on. There was a divide in the industry because they were not only competing against each other, but radio news that had already been established.

Women had a hard time immersing themselves into radio news seeing as most of the radio broadcasts were men.

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There was a small amount of women who hosted programs that were for homemakers and were on entertainment broadcast. After World War II, the doors for women in broadcasting opened up. This was also due to the shortage of men that were home during the war, so news outlets looked to women to fill those gaps of times.

In the s and s larger numbers of women began to enter into broadcast news field.

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Both radio and television are major sources for broadcast journalism today, even with rapidly expanding technology. Television still focuses on covering major events, but radio broadcasts focus more on analyzing stories rather than reporting breaking news. The internet often beats out broadcast journalism in terms of reporting breaking news, and the field of broadcast journalism is constantly having to adapt to the changing technology of today.

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Television [ ] Television TV news is considered by many to be the most influential medium for journalism. For most of the American public, local news and national TV are the primary news sources. Not only the numbers of audience viewers, but the effect on each viewer is considered more persuasive '. Television is dominated by attractive visuals including beauty, action, and shock , with short soundbites and fast 'cuts' changes of. Television viewing numbers have become fragmented, with the introduction of channels, such as CNN , and.

Local television [ ] The industry divides in North America into media markets. These television markets are defined by viewing area and are ranked by the number of audience viewers. New broadcast journalists generally start in the smaller markets with fewer viewers and move up to larger television stations and television networks after gaining experience. The larger stations usually have more resources and better pay. United States stations typically broadcast local news three or four times a day: around —6 am, or noon, 5 or 6 pm, and 10 or 11 at night.

Most of the nightly local newscasts are 30 minutes, and include sports television and weather. News anchors are shown sitting at a desk in a television studio. The news anchors read that contain local interest stories and breaking news. Reporters frequently tell their stories outside the formal television studio in the field, in a setting where ENG techniques are used with production trucks.

Daytime television or morning shows include more 'soft' news and feature pieces, while the evening news emphasizes 'hard' news. News jobs [ ] News anchors formerly 'anchormen' serve as masters-of-ceremonies and are usually shown facing a in a television studio while reading unseen teleprompters.

The anchors are often in pairs co-anchors , who sit side by side and often alternate their reading. Meteorologists stand in front of chroma key backgrounds to describe weather forecasting and show maps, charts and pictures. Research and write the stories and sometimes use video editing to prepare the story for air into a 'package'.

Reporters are usually engaged in EFP and are accompanied by a videographer at the scenes of the news; the latter holds the camera. The videographer or assistants manage the audio and lighting; they are in charge of setting up live television shots and might edit using a NLE. Segment producers choose, research and write stories, as well as deciding the timing and arrangement of the newscast.

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Associate producer, if any, specialize in other elements of the show such as graphics. Production jobs [ ]. Main article: A newscast director is in charge of television show preparation, including assigning camera and talent cast positions on the set, as well as selecting the camera shots and other elements for either recorded or video production. The technical director TD operates the video switcher, which controls and mixes all the elements of the show. At smaller stations, the Director and Technical Director are the same person. A graphics operator operates a character generator CG that produces the on-screen titles and full-page digital on-screen graphics.

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The audio technician operates the audio mixing console. The technician is in charge of the microphones, music and audio tape. Often, production assistants operate the teleprompters and professional video cameras and serve as lighting and rigging technicians. Business Changes [ ] Broadcast journalism is changing rapidly, causing issues within the business as well. Many people can no longer find jobs in broadcast journalism because much more is online and does not even need to be broadcast by a person. Others are being laid off to invest more money into new technologies.

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Other changes include innovations allowing TV stations to better alert viewers in emergencies and have higher quality services. Online convergence [ ] Convergence is the sharing and cross-promoting of content from a variety of media, all of which, in theory, converge and become one medium. In broadcast news, the internet is a key to convergence. Frequently, broadcast journalists also write text stories for the Web, usually accompanied by the graphics and sound of the original story.

Websites offer the audience an interactive form where they can learn more about a story, can be referred to related articles, can offer comments for publication and can print stories at home. Also lets newsrooms collaborate with other media, broadcast outlets sometimes have partnerships with their print counterparts.

Citizen Broadcast Journalism [ ] Citizen broadcast journalism is a new form of technology that has allowed regular civilians to post stories they see through outlets such as,, and. It has become a new trend that some allegedly fear will take over broadcast journalism as it is known. News companies, like Fox News, are employing citizen journalists, which is a new phenomenon among journalism.

Fake News [ ] The term has taken over broadcast journalism throughout the past and current years. Its impact on broadcast journalism played a role in how news about the election was spread.

Fake news defines how viewers see news that may be misleading or false. Many of these false or misleading stories came out during the election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. See also [ ]. Download the free trial version below to get started. Double-click the downloaded file to install the software. Dec 11, - 6 min - Uploaded by achank bahrudinsilahkan download softwarenya di instal. Why you need install epson l driver?

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instalare digi net mobil pe mac Instalare digi net mobil pe mac
instalare digi net mobil pe mac Instalare digi net mobil pe mac
instalare digi net mobil pe mac Instalare digi net mobil pe mac
instalare digi net mobil pe mac Instalare digi net mobil pe mac
instalare digi net mobil pe mac Instalare digi net mobil pe mac

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