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That's right, Project Plan for Mac can open the. To complement your workflow on your Mac, Project Plan for iOS allows you to take your work outside the office, and right to the job site. Create new Gantt charts and modify existing project schedules in the same intuitive way as with MS Project. Open, view, save and share your plans from any storage or cloud location on any Mac device running Yosemite, El Capitan, or the new macOS Operating Systems.

For installation and user support, see our support page , where we offer free guides and online training to get you up and running as fast as possible. What's New in Project Plan for Mac. Skip to content Project Plan for Mac. However, I am very pleased with the kindnesses I have found in it.

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Hans from PEP. The best project management tool in the industry! Microsoft Project is undoubtedly one of the best project management tool in the industry, whether you are working on projects in different fields such as IT, Marketing, Finance, Construction, etc. As long as I can remember, MS Project has been helping me deliver projects successfully. It's a software that is ideal for collaborating with my team and it aids in effective planning as well as allocation of resources.

Probably the best feature of this program is the resource management aspect of it notably the workload tracking with everyone involved team members, client, and vendors. I normally use the Gantt Chart view since this is the easiest to work with and most common as well. I don't think I've ever worked with an easier software that can do simple changes such as linking multiple dependencies. In addition, this is more visually intuitive and you can easily manipulate the shape and colors of the bars this is very helpful when dealing with multiple tasks.

Overall, this software is definitely one of the top ones out there. One good advice for people who are interested in project management: I know many universities teach the MS Project basics.

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Ease of use, visually presentable especially when dealing with many tasks , most common software in the industry. It takes some time to learn the software so it can be intimidated to new users. With Microsoft project Manager my company can complete weekly and monthly milestones; we are changing our web-based applications for Hospitality Business Intelligence tool and using Microsoft project Manager we can accomplish deadlines and make our product better and clients happy. More and more issues are getting resolved faster with using Microsoft project Manager because we can tackle those daily tasks at hand.

Microsoft project Manager is easy to share the project within our organization and anyone can edit it. Microsoft project Manager is one of the best suitable software for getting customizable reports for any project. I am able to create milestones, goals, and set timelines within my department at work to complete daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks. If in an event I have to move a task over Microsoft project Manager can determine automatically how long the milestone will be completed based on the due dates and timelines.

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Microsoft project Manager comes with the Microsoft Office Subscription, but that is only if you purchase the full or pro version. Moreover, Microsoft project Manager makes projects organization very easy and quickly make positive impact is business problems and management.

Microsoft project Manager can take time to learn and get adapted to different features of the product; Secondly, the product is pricy Microsoft project Manager does come standalone, but included in the pro version of Office is actually cheaper, the standalone can cost a lot.

I think it is a very efficient software, it has been an indispensable tool to plan my projects. It has brought me many benefits, among them it has allowed me to plan my projects in a faster way, since with this tool I can take control of the execution time and the budget with a clearer and more global vision, it has been a tool for me great utility and has more functions than those used daily. The software has several advantages, mainly it organizes my projects in a more complete way, because before using it to my Excel plans, with the difference that Project has daily the progress of the project with graphs and diagrams for a faster analysis, Without exceeding the available budget, also plan from small to large projects with the great advantage that I can link them or work them separately.

I find it interesting that the project control allows to save the line of the original project to compare it with the modifications that are made in time. On the other hand you can save the file in other formats to facilitate printing.

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In my personal opinion Project is not easy to use for beginners, initially I found it a bit complicated for the basics of the program, even for other more advanced functions it should be easier, for example at first I did not understand because Project sometimes my activities with a duration in decimals even when I assigned him the full day. I think it could be used by students as a tool to plan their activities so that later in the professional field they are more familiar with the software, but for that it must be more user friendly.

On the other hand, I think that its biggest disadvantage is that the activation of the license is a bit expensive. PPM is a powerful tool for program management.

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I managed multiple projects ranging from small to large projects. Our network spanned across multiple groups domestic and global. Projects were easier manage and it helped us stayed within budget. We used the entire portfolio in all our programs. Setting up the entire system is not as easy as I had hoped. It took several iterations in order to get the right process in place and to make sure the program team are properly trained to utilize all the features that are available with all the tools. All tools must be integrated correctly. Amy from Determine. Microsoft Project, Good tool for an average budget.

For the cost per licence and the ease of use, Microsoft Project is my go to tool for Project Management Software. Most business have some form of Microsoft Suite, Project doesn't come in the standard suite but so adding additional licenses for Project is more cost effective than most Project Management Software. Because it is a Microsoft product, the user interface is like most Microsoft products, so learning how to navigate around Project doesn't take a lot of time.

There is so much to this tool. The capabilities that it has are endless, you really can do a lot with this tool.

Why MS Project Is a Problem

It can be a complex tool, when I first began using Project I had a manager working with me on the Project and helped me get used to Microsoft Project. She had been using it for years, so she had a wealth of knowledge that she shared with me. Without her help, I do think it would have taken me a lot longer to get used to it and be able to use it to its full ability. That being said, the tool can do so much more than I ever thought it could.

Julie from Citi. Microsoft PPM is a service that facilitates and improves the management of projects and portfolios. Microsoft PPM has given us many benefits from the first day of its implementation, it has a great variety of tools that have been of great help to make better decisions, identify trends, manage risks and especially visualize the performance and efficiency of our projects. This software has allowed us to increase the productivity of our operations and increase the quality of our projects.

Microsoft PPM is the software offers multiple tools and functionalities that make it the ideal option to manage projects in the Office environment. What I like most about this software is that it is extremely versatile and allows us to more efficiently manage the existing resources in the company. One of its advantages is that it allows managing projects of any kind, calculating the estimated time of duration and planning the activities to be carried out, as well as having a large number of customizable templates.

Another advantage of this software is that it allows access to the project from anywhere, in addition you can create graphs and diagrams. Microsoft PPM allows you to plan small and large projects with high precision and efficiency. The program can be a bit difficult to use at the beginning for any user without previous experience and this is due to the large number of tools and functions offered. In addition, its cost is quite high compared to other similar software.

Esthephan from The Home Depot. Excellent tool for managing large-scale projects.

Microsoft PPM is a perfect project management software to meet the requirements of large companies, this enjoys a friendly interface with the user and it is evident that it maintains the quality standards of the applications Office This tool allows programming at the beginning of the project cycle data such as available resources, tasks and times, in order to generate coherent predictions about the results you want to obtain. Collaborative work saves time and improves the communication in the work teams, also, the graphics that can be generate allow to transmit the information of the projects in a clear, attractive and easy understanding to reach the target audience in the most effective way.

The main disadvantages I found in this software is that thanks to its being a very complex tool it is a bit difficult to find some functions or shortcuts if you are not an expert user, so you usually resort to perform the actions of longer or intuitive way. In addition to this, it is a bit expensive compared to other softwares available in the market since you must cancel a subscription for each user.

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  8. Frimny from Upt Aragua. It is simple and easy to use help for portfolio management of projects and everyday tasks.

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